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Keeping Your Roof Drainage Maintained Can Protect Your Roof From Water Damage.

Roof drains are designed to carry water away from the roof and exterior of buildings. Roof drains come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can vary as to location and the size of the roof where they get installed. When roof drainage gets installed properly — such as from a reputable company like Affordable Gutters Plus — it can still require regular maintenance.

If you have any roof draining issues in Canton, GA or surrounding areas, contact Affordable Gutters Plus at 770-735-4433. We work to ensure that your roof drain functions properly. If you are in need of installation, you can trust Affordable Gutters Plus to mount your roof drains according to all proper variables.

Types of Roof Drains

The type of roof drains that you install on a home depend on any number of factors. When you trust Affordable Gutters Plus with your job, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your roof drainage system functions ideally with your housing set-up.

Type of Roof: The most important factor when choosing a roof drain comes from your type of roof. Whether your roof is pitched or flat, asphalt shingle or metal, it will determine the specifics of your roof drainage. The roof pitch also plays an important factor, as the angle from which water runs from the roof plays an important role.

Amount of Rain: If you live in a rainy environment, you need a roof drainage system that can keep up with the load. Your local building code will often stipulate specifics about your home’s storm design criteria. You can trust that Affordable Gutters Plus understands the north Georgia area, and can install drainage systems in Canton, GA to handle the worst of weather and surrounding areas.

A Gutter's Downspout

Your Drainage and Downspout Carry Water Away From Your Home.

Rate of Drainage and Overflow Requirements: As an indispensable part of your home’s construction, roof drainage functions differently according to your building’s code requirements. To function well, a roof drainage system must evacuate water quickly, while also adhering to local overflow requirements.

At Affordable Gutters Plus, we understand the complexities behind the roof drainage process. We take into account all of these factors to choose and install the right roof drainage system for your property.

Flat Roof Water Drains: If you have a flat roof, you will need a flat roof water drain. These drains typically get installed on roofs with a two percent or smaller slope, and have maximum efficiency for the set-up. These drains connect to rain gutters, and divert water away from the main structure. We recommend that your flat roof drain has a cover, to help protect it from falling debris that can impede the drainage process.

Siphonic Roof Water Drains: These types of drains operate at peak capacity when water cascades down the roof at higher velocities. Siphonic roof drains allow for a smaller number of drains to handle any overflow issues, as they collectively siphon water down to a central rain leader. As such, siphonic roof water drains are ideal choices for peaked roofs, or roofs that can channel water at a higher velocity that flat roofs. As the fastest type of roof drain, siphonic water drains can utilize horizontal rain leaders.

Leaky Roof Drainage And Other Issues

A leaky roof drain can cause any number of issues with your home. Roof drains are designed to transport water away from the house. A roof drain that leaks fails to accomplish its goal, and creates immediate damage to your roof or walls.

The first step to the repair of a leaky roof drain is to isolate the damaged area. If you suspect you have roof drainage issues, you can inspect your roof from the ground with a pair of binoculars. Once you’ve isolated the problem area, you can then determine whether you need the expert assistance of Affordable Gutters Plus for roof drainage services in Canton, GA.

Some leaky roof drains can get repaired, while others need replacement. This all depends on the extent of the damage. A roof drain that has done significant damage to the surrounding area should probably get replaced. Avoid the temptation to attempt this project yourself, as it requires skilled, professional labor on the roof of your home.

Roof Drain Installation and Service

Hopper Or A Drainage Box

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Roof drainage work represents a specialty in the housing trade. To understand the complexity of this undertaking serves to enforce the necessity of trained, expert installation. Roof drainage specialists understand that stormwater travels from the roof to the drain via three pathways:

  • From the roof drain, through the storm drain piping, to the storm sewer.
  • From the roof drain, through the storm drain piping, to a reservoir or retention pond.
  • From the roof drain, through the storm drain piping, to an exit point where it naturally splashes on the ground.

The type of system you have depends on the choices made by your roofing contractors. At Affordable Gutters Plus, we have the expertise to repair all roof drainage issues. If you notice any of the following problems, contact us immediately at 770-735-4433.

Gushing Gutters: Water that pours over the edge of your house indicates clogged gutters that can benefit from professional cleaning. Other indicators of overflowed gutters include streaks of dirt on the gutter, or mud-splashes on the side of your house.

Dumping Downspouts: If your downspouts are situated too close to your home, an exceptional amount of water can cause your basement to flood. Excess dumping from downspouts can also cause foundation issues.

Flaking, Deposits, or Mildew: If you notice flaking or mineral deposits in your basement, or mildew in your attic, you may have a roof drainage problem. As moisture deposits on the ground, it rises. This can cause problems in your attic that originate from roof drainage onto the ground.

At Affordable Gutters Plus, we are the expert solution for roof drainage problems in Canton, GA and all surrounding areas. Whether you need new roof drainage installed, or repairs to your existing system, give preference to our expert team and call us at 770-735-4433.