Squirrel Deterrent Flashing Installation

Squirrel Deterrent Flashing

Quality Flashing Installation Gives You Squirrel Deterrent For Your Home.

Squirrels can bring down your roof before you know it. If you find squirrels in your attic, you may have damage along the flashing or ventilation of your home. Leaving this without repair leaks to larger problems, especially when the next storm hits. Don’t let your home be left open to water damage. You need a system that will prevent an attack from these little rodents. Squirrel deterrent flashing from Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC protects your home from all invasive species with metal flashing installed to deter pests and rodents from making their way into your attic. Want more information squirrel deterrent flashing in Canton, GA? Call Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC today at 770-735-4433 to speak with one of our experts today!

Squirrels and Canton, GA

Squirrels cause far more damage than you may realize. Many people dismiss the idea as they are small and have an amiable appearance. However, these critters can destroy your attic, roof, and play a hand in water damage. During the winter, these little creatures simply want shelter from the cold to store their food, rest, and nest. Unfortunately, this can tend to mean your home. While they are not being intentionally harmful, squirrels will pull and chew through your flashing, vents, roofing materials, fascia and more, just to get to a safe warm location.

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Flashing Prevents Squirrels From Getting Into Your Home Through Weaker Areas In Your Roofing.

You may be tempted to dismiss these issues because, after all, they are cute. This can be the mistake that leads to greater problems in your home. When squirrels chew through your flashing and other parts of your roof, not only do they invade your home, but they leave openings for more pests such as wasps, rats, and mice. These openings are also available for water to seep through, creating leaks and even affecting your home’s structure with mold, mildew, and wood rot. You are not alone in these problems. Many homes in Canton, GA and the surrounding area are at risk for squirrel-related damage.

When squirrels make it into a home, they like to make their nest in the attic. This space gives them seclusion from predators, a warm space to nest, and easy access to the food they need from outside. They can even tear up your insulation to use as bedding. This can affect the way your home maintains heat during the winter. The best thing to do is to prevent the issue altogether. Want to know how you can protect your home? Call Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC at 770-735-4433 to speak to a skilled roofing contractor about how you can pest-proof your home.

Protect Your Home With Squirrel Deterrent Flashing

In order to best protect your home, you need materials and installation that can stand up to anything these pests can dole out. If you notice they are starting to peel up your flashing and have taken a bite out of your dormers, the first thing to do is have your roofing inspected. It may not just be a problem with the squirrels. Poor installation could make the flashing lift up, giving the squirrels the idea that your flashing is the weakest point of your home.

Metal Flashing Surrounding Windows

A Tight Seal Means You Are Protected Against Water Damage And Pests.

Once inspected, it is time to have it repaired or replaced. Both installation technique and material are important when it comes to making your home inhospitable for rodents. Squirrel deterrent flashing is installed tightly into your roofing system, preventing the pests from finding an entry point into your attic and crawlspace. Metal flashing is used to cover valleys, steps and more. This material is a superior quality, preventing squirrels, rats, and mice from biting through to create an opening. An added benefit of squirrel deterrent flashing, this also prevents water from seeping into the cracks, directing it toward your gutter system.

Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC is the one to call for your gutter and roofing needs! We install quality systems and squirrel deterrent flashing in Canton, GA, giving you peace of mind and quality systems for your home. Our mission is to make sure you never have to worry about damage or issues from your flashing for the entire time you own your home. Our contractors are always available to answer any questions you may have about how squirrel deterrent flashing may benefit your home. Dial 770-735-4433 today for squirrel deterrent flashing in Canton, GA and the surrounding area.