Roof Flashing Installation

Roof Flashing on Ventilation and Chimney

Working as a Seal, Flashing Prevents Leaks From Damaging Your Home.

Roof flashing is a part of your roof that lies along areas where your roof is weaker. This may be due to two areas meeting on your roof. Roof flashing eliminates this weakness by sealing the area with a galvanized steel or aluminum material flashing piece. These not only protect your roof from damage but actually direct harmful things like water and debris away from your roof to your gutter system. Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC installs roof flashing for your home in Canton, GA and the surrounding area, improving your roofs defense. Our contractors install metal and squirrel deterrent roof flashing for your home’s particular needs. We strive to install systems that last your home as long as you own it, meaning you never have to worry about water damage again.

With Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC, you get more than just another gutter or roofing system. You get:

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We know you need more than just an average system for your home. Our contractors install gutter systems, metal roofing, and roof flashing that are designed to last time and again, giving you skilled craftsmanship and defense against water damage on your home. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and take the time to work with you on your particular concerns and needs. Do you have questions about roof flashing? Call Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC today at 770-735-4433 to speak with an expert contractor about your roof flashing options in Canton, GA!

Weatherproofing and Roof Flashing

When considering weatherproofing your home, one of the first places to look to is your roof flashing. The purpose of roof flashing is to protect your home from water damage by directing the water away from any openings or cracks. After installation, your roof has some areas that are susceptible to water damage and other issues. These areas are usually where your roof sections meet up or other portions such as the chimney or vents extrude from your home. These areas are covered with roof flashing to give them extra protection. Without roof flashing, water can leak through to your home. After water sits in your home, it does not merely sit in the attic but finds its way into your walls, attacking your home’s wooden frame. From there, water creates a moist environment that lets mold and mildew grow and thrive. Wood rot even becomes a possibility, meaning the structure of your home comes into question. There are several areas where roof flashing can assist your home:

Flashing Cross Section

We Install Quality Flashing For Your Home’s Vulnerable Sections

Each of these types of roof flashing goes on different areas of your roof. Step flashing, for example, is placed around the chimney and skylights to create a tight seal. Valley flashing, on the other hand, is designed to lie between two different planes of roofing and connect them. While all different, these flashing work together to direct water away from your roof’s weak points to the gutter. Seepage, rain, and leaks are prevented from destroying your home’s wooden frame. This makes it one of the primary weatherproofing systems you can find for your home. Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC provides you with quality flashing systems for your home, installing metal roofing and flashing for homes in Canton, GA. Have more questions about how you can use flashing to waterproof your home? Call 770-735-4433 today!

Repair For Your Flashing

Well Blended Roof Flashing Near Vents

Installed With A Tight Seal, Your Home Remains Protected Against Leaks And Even Pests.

Like any part of a roof, there may come a time when you need roof flashing repair. Roofing maintenance and upkeep can help prevent the need for repair and fortify your roof flashing and system. This can be completed through a roof inspection by a local roofer or by taking a quick look at your flashing. Ensure you do not have any irregular coloring on your roof and that and holes are plugged up. If not this can allow pests and water into your home. Also, look at your roofing materials. They can be a great indicator to problems on your roof. When you do need roof flashing repair, you need a roofer you can trust to help you get your roof back to its best. Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC provides you with high-quality roof flashing repair and installation. We never cover up issues with your roof flashing and always take care of it as soon as it is apparent. Our mission is to give you a system that prevents any worries about roof leaks or problems as long as you own the home. 

Signs of wear of roof flashing can be highly apparent. As roof flashing is made of metal, you may notice rust spots, discoloration or corrosion. These are all indicators that your flashing needs repair. When you see signs of this, it is best to call your roofer as soon as possible. Roof flashing protects your home against leaks that could damage the structure. Usually, any water on your roof will be redirected by the roof flashing to the gutter and away from your home. If the roof flashing is damaged, your home could be vulnerable to water seeping through cracks and allowing mold, mildew, and wood rot to attack.

Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC is always available to assist you with your gutter and roof needs. We provide you with expert services and skilled craftsmanship, guaranteeing your system will protect your home as long as you own it. Our roofing contractors use superior materials and the best techniques to ensure every little detail of your roofing is handled correctly and with the best installation practices. When we work on a project, we keep you up to date on any issues we find and then take care of them, then and there. Let’s get started on your roof flashing in Canton, GA today. Call Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC at 770-735-4433 for your roofing and gutter needs.