Do Any Gutter Guards Really Work?

gutter guard along the roof edge

What is the best gutter system?

The best gutter system are often made of materials that can withstand all kinds of weather, last for years, and look good while serving a purpose for your home. Such materials that can serve that purpose are those like Aluminum, vinyl, and stainless steel of which are some of the most popular materials for gutter systems on the market currently. Furthermore, most owners of modern gutter systems have what’s called a gutter guard, of which can also be called a gutter leaf guard or leaf guard. This system helps prevent your gutters from getting clogged and damaged by leaves with rain water by putting a cover over the drainage system that can still take in the rain water. Especially in storms and days of high winds, gutter guards serve a purpose to rid the home owner of a problem that would take them hours to fix and if left ignored would be a costly repair on their roof as well as their gutter. With our gutter services that can fit your home with a gutter guard and more, Affordable Gutters Plus LLC in Canton, GA can improve your home with our absolutely affordable services that will last for years to come. If you need any of our gutter services, call 770-735-4433 today to set up an appointment.

Do gutter guards cause problems?

Aside from the minor change in your appearance to your gutter, there is only one problem with a gutter guard if one could call it that over the alternative. Due to it having the purpose of guarding against larger debris and allowing water to have a natural way off of your roof, a gutter guard still does retain some debris on the interior of the gutter that will on rare occasions need to be cleaned out. Comparatively, whether referencing older gutter guards or a gutter without a gutter guard, the improvements are clear and reveal that there is little to no problems when having a gutter guard on your home. A gutter guard is actually proven not only to save a homeowner time, but also money. A problem that can occur with gutters is the buildup of debris such as leaves on the edge of your roof, when ignored that build up for water and moisture to be constant on your roof after the rain or storm has passed. In more extreme circumstances, it can lead to standing water on your roof, both situations can lead to leaks that can result in a headache for the homeowner. A homeowner with a gutter guard is far less likely to experience that due to the leaves being pushed off the gutter if in the case they do buildup. 

In terms of cost, gutter guards heavily reduce the amount a homeowner would have to clean their gutter. When well made, a gutter guard will provide the homeowner with an added system that helps in dealing with rain and snow water. The filter may also help a homeowner detect when they have received shingle damages by seeing the granules filtered through the gutter guard. 

To get the best use from your gutter guard, you need the best material for your product and proper installation. The most popular and useful by far is one made of steel mesh. Easily capable of withstanding the elements and getting the job done. Brush and perforated metal can also be used, not as popular or widely used, but both do a good job. Much of the time if it’s the case of appearance, the only time you will see a gutter guard is from an above window, otherwise it will not exactly be a blemish to the overall appearance to your house. 

A well installed gutter guard will easily withstand storm force rains, in whatever part of the United States they are installed, especially in Canton, GA. A gutter guard will easily help a home withstand a storm by filtering through what slides off and can withstand the added heavy rains.

gutter guard at the drain

How do I know what size gutters to buy

When deciding on gutters, homeowners must choose the measurements of the entire system. While that sounds like a daunting task, most homeowners choose five to six inch gutters while their downspout may be two by three or three by four inches in diameter. In general, the larger the size is meant to make up for areas of heavy rainfall. 

Gutter brackets are a good support system for your gutter when you have heavy flow going through the system. Generally, most homeowners will put brackets three to six feet apart so to have a good support system. A gutter guard benefits this system by helping put less strain on the gutter when debris slides off. 

Gutter guard systems can be installed underneath your first row of shingles depending on the system you choose to install for your home. Some are meant to be and some are incapable of being installed underneath shingles, but in general you are able to get a good gutter guard from either method of installation. Fortunately, Affordable Gutters Plus LLC can do so for you when you call 770-735-4433 today to make an appointment.