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When Should You Have Gutters Cleaned?

Gloved hand picking a handful of leaves from a gutter.

Get Clean Gutters Today!

Home maintenance as a general rule should be conducted at the very least annually or on an as-needed basis. As far as your property’s gutters, they should be checked when the colder weather seasons come around in order to gauge if you should rely on the assistance of a gutter cleaning service to clean out fallen leaves. After a particularly windy or heavy storm, you may even see some flying debris that has landed in your gutters as well as other blockages that could wreak havoc on the drainage system of your roof if not removed in time for the next storm. For gutter cleaning and services consider the help of leaf guard gutters! Installations can be as helpful as bathroom remodeling when certain areas of water drainage systems need sprucing and correction! Consider the following information so you can get a better understanding about why cleaning your gutters is essential for ensuring the longevity and durability of your home!

Signs You Need Gutter Cleaning Service

  • Water Spilling Over Gutters & Eaves
  • Sagging Gutters
  • Plant Growth
  • Birds or Pests
  • Water Stains on Siding of Home
  • Gutters Not Cleaned in a Long Time
  • Debris After a Severe Storm
  • Leaf Falling During/After the Autumn/Winter

Why gutter cleaning is important?

Gutter cleaning is important as it ensures proper roof drainage and prevents damages from occurring. Your gutters are installed in order to provide a streamlined path of water removal away from your roof, siding, landscape, and the foundation of your home in order to feed directly into your sewage system.  

How much is gutter cleaning service?

A gutter cleaning service cost can range from $100-$250. Depending on the size of your home or the number of stories of your house. If there are special procedures involved you may have extra costs between $90-$225 added to the original amount. Discuss your specifications with a professional for more information.

What does gutter cleaning include?

A gutter cleaning service will typically include cleaning out the debris and leaves that are obstructing the pathways of the gutter system. Such debris will be bagged and the entire system or line will then be flushed out.

What happens if gutters are not cleaned?

If your gutters aren’t cleaned and a storm hits you can expect water to overflow on several different pathways such as onto your roof, siding or landscape. The resulting damages can range in severity as a result of improper water drainage. When the soil of your landscape has become too moistened your foundation will shift and move around which can cause pressures on your piping systems that connect to your home. Such heavy pressures from movement can cause corrosion on your pipes from rubbing against the chemicals in soil or even pipe leaks on your plumbing lines. What’s more, cracks in the cement of your foundation can form which can cause slab leaks. Additionally, when your roof is pooling with water, it can become waterlogged which can cause weakened roofing materials such as fascia, eaves and more. In the winter time, this water would become frozen unevenly on the roof which would lead to ice dams. What’s more, frozen water in the gutters can weigh heavily on your gutters which can cause them to sag, loosen or fall to the ground. Finally, heavy waterfall around the roof can pour off onto the siding walls of your home which can cause water stains and loosened panels depending on the materials composed there.

Can dirty gutters cause roof leaks?

A dirty gutter or clogged gutter can cause water damages to your home as water runoff would be blocked. With the proper paths to the downspouts blocked water may overflow on the roof and seek alternate paths of escape. If there is a crack or hole in your roof this could be aggravated, worsened, weathered further or weakened which could cause a leak to emerge inside your property.

Leaves in gutter and ready to be cleaned out.

What is the best way to clean your gutters?

The best way to clean your gutters can be by yourself or by relying on a house gutter cleaning service. Your gutters should ideally be cleaned at least once a year or even more often than that if there are overhanging trees or periodic storms. Consider these steps for a DIY job! Remember, if you feel your safety will be put at risk from slippery and wet conditions than rely on a professional gutter cleaning service to do the job! As of such, the first step is to get a reliable and sturdy extendable ladder. Once that is procured be sure to only place it on a sturdy surface so you don’t tilt and fall. If you require a helper to hold onto the ladder than incorporate them. If not, a ladder stabilizer could be used to help provide safer conditions. Secondly, be sure you’re dressed for the job as it can get muddy and damp; wear long-sleeved shirts, work pants and rubber or grip gloves. If you have gunk in your gutters you can either use a plastic scoop, trash bags or your hands to collect it. If you would like to protect your landscape be sure to place a tarp around the fall out areas. Once the dirt, leaves, and gunk have been removed be sure to remove the remaining debris by hosing down the gutters and downspouts. Be sure to spot if there are any leaks on your roofing when you’re hosing it down as hosing it down can highlight any instabilities and cracks. Finally, if there are any sagging areas or breaks in the gutter mount a gutter hanger to realign positioning or make the necessary gutter repairs if damages are more severe.

When you require a gutter cleaning service in Canton and Roswell, GA call 770-735-4433 with Affordable Gutters Plus LLC!

Do Gutter Leaf Guards Really Work?

Gutter Guards Can Assist You in Cleaning Your Gutters!

Consider gutter guards to assist in clearing out leaves & other debris!

Clogged gutters can be very detrimental to your home when they are severe. It’s important to consider the water runoff capabilities that your gutters provide in preventing water damages to the roof and foundation of your home. When rainwater has nowhere to go, it can pool in certain areas of your roof and try to find other means of escape. It can seep through the cracks of your roofing materials and if larger punctures are present than your beams could become waterlogged which poses a threat to your roof’s structural integrity! Without the tunnels of the gutters to the downspouts, water can flow down indiscriminately which in turn can cause damage to your foundation. Your gutters and downspouts naturally create a path away from the soil and concrete that your home rests on, if they are heavily wet, this could cause movement of your home and thereby your plumbing systems which are directly connected to your home and foundation. Movement can cause pressure to all sides of your pipe which heavily wears it down and makes it susceptible to breaks or soil corrosion. If ultimately your pipes burst or leaks, you can have the potential for sewer line or slab leaks that can have heavy costs in repairs. So believe it or not, the minor issue of clogged gutters can escalate and snowball into severe consequences in regards to home damages and repairs. Consider these points for the protection of your leaf guard gutters and roofing! (Energy efficient HVAC systems)

Do I need gutter guards?

Prevent Gutter Clogs from Disrupting Rain Water Run-Off!

Prevent gutter clogs & allow for rain water to flow naturally from your roof!

If your home resides in a region where rainfall and high winds are prevalent, or perhaps when autumn hits you often experience high levels of leaves falling, it may be beneficial to install leaf guard gutters.

What do gutter guards do?

Gutter guards act a protective and removable addition that is placed inside your gutters to catch debris. The openings are able to allow for water to seep through while it catches bigger objects like dirt, debris, and leaves. To get a better idea, you can think of some types of gutter guards as a sort of gutter colander or drain strainer.

How much are leaf guard gutters?

They range in costs between $1.50-$10 per linear foot.

Do you need to clean gutters with gutter guards?

Do Your Annual Gutter Cleaning!

It’s recommended to clean out your gutters at least once a year!

To go with the strainer analogy, you can remove the guard and dispose of the gunk that was caught every so often to protect the progression of natural water flow. Gutter guards are ideally designed for easier removal of gunk and should still be cleaned out every so often, at least a year unless specified otherwise.

Do gutter guards work with pine needles?

Only a few certain leaf guard gutters are able to protect against small and thin objects but most are not able to due to the size of the openings or functionings a particular gutter guard.

How are leaf guard gutters installed?

With leaf gutter guard installations, some have snaps or clips for installation while others, like plastic mesh or gutter brushes, only lay on top of the gutters. (Gutter services)

Gutter Leaf Guard Types

Perforated: perforated leaf guard gutters are made of metal and have holes distributed throughout the metal plate. Although this type of gutter guard is able to keep out leaves it’s not able to keep out more fine materials such as seeds, pods or needles. This option is prone to having small debris getting stuck in their perforated holes which increases the likelihood of overflowing due to the coverage of the opening.

Screen Gutter Guards Are a Great Option!

Screen gutter guards are easy to install & clean out!

Screens: screens can come in different opening sizes and can be made from mesh or plastic. Fine mesh screens, for example, were specifically designed to remedy the issue of caught material often experienced with perforated metal leaf guard gutters. However, the issue with fine openings may be that they won’t be able to handle rainwater well and won’t allow them to pass through the guard and into the gutter for proper water run out. Regular mesh or plastic screens keep bigger leaves away and will let water through, but they may be susceptible to being blown off by the wind and are less likely to stop smaller objects from going through.

Brushes: bottle brushes are leaf guard gutters that are made from bristles that are inserted inside gutters and aim to prevent the accumulation of debris and leaves. Small materials aren’t able to be blocked and larger objects either get stuck in the brushes or behind them. It’s hard to remove what is trapped as the entire unit has to be removed and most report that it’s better to avoid this option entirely.

Foam: foam leaf guard gutters are made from polyurethane and are porous enough to allow for water to pass through. However, everything else just builds up on top of the foam which will clog easily if not cleaned regularly. These too require the entire guard be brought out and reinstalled for cleaning.

Reverse-Curve: reverse-curve or surface tension leaf guard gutters have been around since the early 20th century and have been proven as a good option for protection. They are designed to form a curve or nose that will allow debris to slide off the roof while water is encouraged to follow the curve and move downstream. These options are not readily available in the market and must be professionally installed. Some may lift your roof’s shingles so it’s important to select a type that isn’t prone to this occurring.

For leaf guard gutters installation in Canton and Roswell, GA call 770-735-4433 with Affordable Gutters Plus LLC!

What Type of Gutters Are Right for Your Home?

Gutters On Roof

Gutters Will Help You Avoid Problems WIth Your Homes Slab.

Many homes are built with gutters on them, but some homes don’t have them at all. This means that when it rains, that the water will fall right off of the roof and straight down below into your yard. This may cause flooding or damage to your yard, but most importantly, it can cause you to end up having to get a slab leak repair. When water falls continuously in one spot, it can cause damage to the slab under your home. It can also make the soil so wet that over time, your slab may move. Once the soil moves, it will open up the possibility of your slab cracking and causing all sorts of issues. The beauty of gutters, is that water can be routed to a different location and in a place that will not cause problems to your slab or your yard. Gutter installation can be done by yourself or it can be done by professional. We always recommend that you have a professional do it for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is so that you know that it is done the right way. If something ends up going wrong down the line, the professional that installed the gutters will be able to fix it under a warranty, but if you have done them yourself, you will have to figure out what is wrong or end up calling a repairman anyway. Rain gutters on your home are crucial to the upkeep and the wellness of your home. They are a great way to help keep your home working the right way and keep it safe from any damage or further damage from happening. When you need a gutter repair, a professional will be able to take a good look at what the problem is and then see if it is something that can be repaired or if that section of the gutter needs to be replaced. If your gutters continue to need repairs and are getting up there in age, you may want to see about having new gutters installed. There are a lot of options that you can choose from, ranging in price from minimally expensive to much higher. The more expensive ones typically last longer and are made from more expensive materials. The great thing about rain gutters are that you can get them in almost any color so that they will blend into your home very easily. Most gutter systems will last around 20 years. If your gutters were installed when your roof was installed, it is likely that when your roof needs to be replaced, your gutters will need to be replaced as well. Some gutter systems like copper, will last a lot longer. These systems hold for around 50 years. This does make them more expensive, but typically if you install them, you don’t have to do it again.

Common Questions About Gutters

What type of gutters are best?

There are a lot of great types of gutters out there and they all will get the job done, it will all just depend on preference and what you want to spend. Some of the top gutter systems are aluminum gutters, copper, steel, and vinyl gutters. Most of these can be painted to any color that you want. A great option would be to choose seamless gutters because they offer no leaks. When there are no seams, no leaks can come out. This will help the overall integrity of the gutter system and keep it lasting longer.

Why rain gutters are necessary?

Having rain gutters is a necessary part of your home. They will be able to direct water to a designated spot and help water from sitting on your roof as well. When there is heavy rain, it has nowhere to go but off your roof. If you are wondering how rain gutters work, the gutter will work to carry the water off your roof and down through the system and off your roof. This will help prevent flooding and even problems with your home’s slab. Gutters are not unaffordable and if you are having your home built, you can always ask your builder to have them installed for you so you don’t have to worry about it later on.

Are gutters expensive?

Some gutters can be very expensive, but that is because the material is thicker or made to last longer than other options. The most affordable option is to choose a vinyl gutter, which cost around $4 per piece.

Gutters On Roof

Seamless Gutters Will Keep Leaks From Happening.

Importance Of Maintaining Your Gutters

  • Regular Inspections
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Replace Broken Pieces
  • Avoid Clogs

Rain gutters are so important on your home and should be looked into if you don’t already have them. If you need to have rain gutters installed in Canton and Roswell, GA, call our team at Affordable Gutters Plus LLC by dialing 770-735-4433. Let us help your home, today.

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Icicles Formed Over the Gutters of a Home.

Proper Winter Home Maintenance Includes Steps to Prevent Ice Dams.

There’s nothing cozier than a warm house in wintertime. In order to ensure that your residence can serve as a refuge from the ice and cold, there are certain things you should do in preparing for winter. While some of these you can accomplish on your own, others require help from a reliable professional. As the days of fall begin to slip away, you’ll want to make sure that you perform the basic acts of winter home maintenance.

Prepare Your Home for Winter

The first thing you should do is confirm the good repair of your central heating. Any provider of quality heating services in Georgia can perform a thorough inspection of your HVAC. Few things feel worse than the abrupt failure of a furnace on a particularly chilly day. Once you’ve gotten that taken care of, consider these other elements of winter home maintenance.

  • Invest in Weather Stripping for Doors and Windows
  • Clean Your Gutters
  • Explore Ways to Prevent Ice Dams
  • Prune Trees so That No Branches Hang Over Your Roof
  • Insulate Outdoor Pipes and Spigots

In order to protect your roof from the devastating effects of ice dams, consider the installation of an ice dam membrane to work in conjunction with your drip edge. You may also explore ways to prevent the escape of warm air from your attic. Methods could include attic insulation, or ventilation on your soffit.

At Affordable Gutters Plus LLC, we offer a variety of roof services. As for winter prep, clean gutters are very important to allow the proper drainage of rain and melting ice. For professional service with this aspect of winter home maintenance in Canton and Roswell, GA, give us a call at 770-735-4433.

How to Fix Home Water Damage?

Water On Walls Causing Water Damage

Water Can Seep into Your Home And Cause Harm To You And Your Property.

Water is one of the most detrimental factors in your home. It can get into the structure and cause extensive home water damage to your property, as well as allowing your home to become hospitable to mold, mildew, and wood rot. On top of that, it may not always present itself until there is already extensive damage to your home. If you suspect a leak or home water damage in your home, knowing how to handle the situation can greatly reduce the repairs needed to get your home back to its best. Here are a couple of things you can do:

Find The Source: Identifying where the water is coming in can help you point your contractor in the direction of what needs repair! If you cannot, water leak detection can ensure that leaks affecting your home can be identified and repaired, no matter the source.

If Possible Impede its Growth: Depending on where it is located, you may be able to use a temporary patch kit to prevent more water from coming in and causing more home water damage.

Save Your Property: Be sure to safeguard your furniture and property to prevent the water from wearing them down. Use tarps and move them away from the source of water.

Contact For Repairs: Reach out to a contractor for repairs and restoration of your property. They can get your plumbing, roofing, and home structure back to its best before you know it!

How Can I Protect My House From Water Damage?

Preventing home water damage is a simple matter of keeping your home defenses at their best. Always take the time to look at your roofing and plumbing systems and have regular maintenance to stop the home water damage before it starts. During this time, also check out your gutters as they carry water away from your home. Wear on your gutters can prevent this, allowing water to back up and damage your property. If your gutters need repair or you need a whole new installation, Affordable Gutters Plus LLC is here to help you! We provide your home with Canton and Roswell, GA gutter installation. Give us a call today at 770-735-4433.

What Is a Seamless Rain Gutter?

What Is a Seamless Rain Gutter?

Seamless Gutters Are Installed All in One Piece, So There Are No Seams!

One of the most important parts of our roofing systems are the gutters. Without gutters, areas on your roof like your fascia and soffit will get damaged and require fascia repair service. When it comes to gutters, we never really think that there are different types. However, there are different designs of gutters that can provide a lot of advantages for your home. One of these types is seamless gutters. A seamless gutter is a gutter system that is constructed in one whole piece instead of several different pieces. This is great as this kind of gutter is customized specifically to your home and doesn’t require a ton of pieces. Because they are made out of one piece of metal, usually aluminum, they don’t have any seams, which means that they won’t leak! This is a huge plus considering gutters are used to transport water off your roof, as well as keep water off your home. If you would like to learn more about seamless gutters, call Affordable Gutters Plus LLC at 770-735-4433!

Seamless Vs. Regular Gutters

When homeowners are in the market for a new gutter, they tend to have to choose between seamless and regular gutters. When we say “regular gutters” we mean the gutters that come in different pieces and then they are installed on the edge of the roofline. It’s important that before you choose which is the best for you that you know the pros and the cons. With regular gutters, you will have an easy installation, which means you will have your gutters faster, but because there are different pieces that make up the whole gutter, there is a potential for leaks. Seamless gutters, however, are strong because they are made of aluminum, and because they don’t have any seams, there is no risk of leaks. The cons for seamless are that they can be a bit costly and you will need a roofer who has the knowledge to perform this type of gutter installation.

Why Choose Seamless Gutters?

While the cost of seam gutter installation can be a bit much, there are so many reasons to choose seamless gutters.

  • Custom Made: Because they are made specifically for your roofing system, they are guaranteed to fit well. When they fit correctly, they are able to do their job properly.
  • Fewer Issues: There can be a ton of issues with regular gutters, including leaks, clogs, and backups. Because there are no seams in a seamless gutter, you don’t have to worry about these types of issues.
  • Easy Maintenance: Maintenance is easy because you don’t have to do it as often than you do with regular gutters. Since there aren’t seams, leaves and debris can’t get stuck in the joints.
  • Visually Appealing: Regular gutters have those joints and fasteners that make them really unattractive, but a seamless gutter has none of those things for you to worry about.

Another great way for homeowners to keep their roofs in great shape is with roof drainage. If you are interested in roof drainage installation for your Canton and Roswell, GA home, please call our roofers at 770-735-4433!

Why Your Roof’s Fascia Is So Important

roof fascia

Fascia Often Go Unnoticed But Play A Big Role In Your Roof and Gutter System.

As a homeowner, you do your best to keep your property protected against damage from storms and water. Your gutter system plays a huge role in how water is carried away from your home, but did you know that your roof fascia supports your gutters and ensures they can do their job? An often overlooked part of your roof, the roof fascia board work with your gutters, allowing them to disperse water and debris away from your roofing system. However, these boards can be damaged by that same water, pests, and more. It is important to keep this part of your system at its best to ensure your gutters and roof stay healthy as well.

How You Can Help

The next time you clean your gutter system, take some time to look at your roof fascia. A simple and quick glance can tell you if there are any issues that need to be handled or if your roof fascia is doing its job. Damage may appear in many ways, such as:

  • Flaking, Peeling, or Missing Paint
  • Rotting Within the Wood
  • Water Damage and Discoloration
  • Holes From Burrowing

These issues leave your roof open to further damage from the environment. Repair can get your roof fascia back to its best in order to support your gutter system. Are your fascia in need of repair in Canton and Roswell, GA? When you need gutter installation and roof fascia repair, choose Affordable Gutters Plus LLC for quality services and materials. We are always available to get started on your service needs. Call us today at 770-735-4433 and speak with one of our professional staff!

Why Is A Drip Edge Necessary For Your Home?

In 2014, the State of Georgia enacted a building code in the Georgia State Minimum Standards Residential Code that states that all buildings must have a drip edge. Most other states do not require this code, and many roofing contractors believe that if a home’s shingles extend far enough over the gutter, then installing a drip edge is not necessary. The state of Georgia deems a drip edge necessary due to the amount of rainfall the state gets every year and to ensure that its residents are safe with a sturdy roof. It is a simple and affordable one-time installation that will help to prevent your roof from leaks and damage.

Do You Need Drip Edge Repair or Installation? Call Us Today!

Here are some benefits of a drip edge

  • Prevents water from seeping into the gap or crack between the decking and fascia.
  • Prevents roof rot
  • Prevents insulation damage
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Prevents home flooding from water flowing backwards down the roof behind the gutters
  • Prevents roof deterioration
  • Prevents shingle damage
  • Provides additional support to shingles
  • Blocks wind from blowing rain or pooled water into the cracks
  • Keeps out vermin and insects
  • Helps move water into your gutters to be drained out into the ground
  • Prevents rotten fascia and soffit from happening as often
  • Stay up to Georgia’s housing codes and standards
  • Snow and rain will trickle down your roof instead of sitting stagnant or getting blown backwards in between the gaps of the decking

If you need affordable drip edge installation or repair in Canton, GA, call Affordable Gutters Plus LLC at 770-735-4433 today.

Personal Maintenance: DIY Metal Roof Touch Ups

Clogged Gutter

Leaves and Dirt Will Clog Up the Gutter and Corrode Your Fascia.

Are you loving your new metal roof? One of the top perks for homeowners with metal roofing systems is the relaxed maintenance. Taking care of your metal roof is easy. With a few metal roof touch ups each spring and fall, you can personally extend the life of your roofing system. Try these few steps when you perform your bi-annual checkup.

Step #1: Go on a Walk

Don’t worry, you’re not going far. Bi-annual maintenance on your metal roof should always start with a short walk around your home. You may want to grab some binoculars though. Examine your rooftop for small scratches in the paint, dirt or grease smears, fallen debris and foliage. Once you’ve finished your walk, take a ladder and a trash bag, then get ready to begin your cleaning.

Step #2: Take Out the Trash

Start by filling your trash bag with all the junk that’s filled up your gutter over the last few months. This may be a bit of a chore, but cleaning out your gutter prevents rain water from spilling onto your fascia and corroding the side of your roof. Plus it keeps your foundation safe. After you’ve cleared out the debris in the gutters and on top of your roof, you’ll be ready to perform some final touch ups.

Step #3: Grab a Paint Brush

With a paint brush and little paint (approved by your roof’s manufacturer), you’ll be able to cover up any scratches left by tree scrapes or metal chips in the coating. This protects exposed pieces of your roof and prevents them from rusting. [Side note: make sure you never use a sprayer for minor touch ups, as wind will easily blow the paint beyond your intended sections]. For any leftover dirt or grease smudges, Formula 409 (or a similar spray solution) and a soft, damp cloth will clear away most smears.

That’s all there is to it! These few metal roof touch ups can extend the life of your rooftop and lower the risk of unexpected repairs. For more information about caring for your metal roof, or to learn about the types of metals available to consumers, talk to one of our experts at770-735-4433.

Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacement

Shingle Roof Replacement

Old Age or Faulty Installation Can Create a Need for Shingle Roof Replacement.

Asphalt shingles represent the most popular roofing solution in the country. This makes sense when you consider their value and wide range of available colors and styles. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles sit at the bottom of the ladder in terms of longevity. Even with expert maintenance, a shingle roof will only last for 20 years or so. Pay attention for the following signs of shingle roof replacement, and choose a higher quality option in metal from Affordable Gutters Plus LLC.

Frequent Repairs

A roof that has begun to require frequent repairs has probably reached the end of its life. Whether from old age or faulty installation, roofs will begin to break down and require more and more service. Whether it’s from missing shingles or leaks, roof repairs can become surprisingly costly. If you find yourself with a major repair that represents a significant percentage of the cost of a new roof, go with the fresh installation.

Lost Granules

Your roofing’s granules protect it from impacts and the sun. In their absence, your roof becomes much more vulnerable to storms and hail. Your shingles will also dry and begin to curl from sun exposure. Each of these provides for the development of leaks, a situation you want to avoid. The next time you clean your gutters, call for service if you notice an abundance of roofing granules.

Old Age

The most frequent reason for replacement, old age means that a roof could fail at any given time. Even if damage doesn’t seem obvious to the untrained eye, previous bouts of hail and high winds have definitely left their mark.

If you’d like to replace your shingle roof with a quality metal installation, Affordable Gutters Plus LLC is your ideal choice in Canton and Roswell, GA. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 770-735-4433.