When Should You Have Gutters Cleaned?

Gloved hand picking a handful of leaves from a gutter.

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Home maintenance as a general rule should be conducted at the very least annually or on an as-needed basis. As far as your property’s gutters, they should be checked when the colder weather seasons come around in order to gauge if you should rely on the assistance of a gutter cleaning service to clean out fallen leaves. After a particularly windy or heavy storm, you may even see some flying debris that has landed in your gutters as well as other blockages that could wreak havoc on the drainage system of your roof if not removed in time for the next storm. For gutter cleaning and services consider the help of leaf guard gutters! Installations can be as helpful as bathroom remodeling when certain areas of water drainage systems need sprucing and correction! Consider the following information so you can get a better understanding about why cleaning your gutters is essential for ensuring the longevity and durability of your home!

Signs You Need Gutter Cleaning Service

  • Water Spilling Over Gutters & Eaves
  • Sagging Gutters
  • Plant Growth
  • Birds or Pests
  • Water Stains on Siding of Home
  • Gutters Not Cleaned in a Long Time
  • Debris After a Severe Storm
  • Leaf Falling During/After the Autumn/Winter

Why gutter cleaning is important?

Gutter cleaning is important as it ensures proper roof drainage and prevents damages from occurring. Your gutters are installed in order to provide a streamlined path of water removal away from your roof, siding, landscape, and the foundation of your home in order to feed directly into your sewage system.  

How much is gutter cleaning service?

A gutter cleaning service cost can range from $100-$250. Depending on the size of your home or the number of stories of your house. If there are special procedures involved you may have extra costs between $90-$225 added to the original amount. Discuss your specifications with a professional for more information.

What does gutter cleaning include?

A gutter cleaning service will typically include cleaning out the debris and leaves that are obstructing the pathways of the gutter system. Such debris will be bagged and the entire system or line will then be flushed out.

What happens if gutters are not cleaned?

If your gutters aren’t cleaned and a storm hits you can expect water to overflow on several different pathways such as onto your roof, siding or landscape. The resulting damages can range in severity as a result of improper water drainage. When the soil of your landscape has become too moistened your foundation will shift and move around which can cause pressures on your piping systems that connect to your home. Such heavy pressures from movement can cause corrosion on your pipes from rubbing against the chemicals in soil or even pipe leaks on your plumbing lines. What’s more, cracks in the cement of your foundation can form which can cause slab leaks. Additionally, when your roof is pooling with water, it can become waterlogged which can cause weakened roofing materials such as fascia, eaves and more. In the winter time, this water would become frozen unevenly on the roof which would lead to ice dams. What’s more, frozen water in the gutters can weigh heavily on your gutters which can cause them to sag, loosen or fall to the ground. Finally, heavy waterfall around the roof can pour off onto the siding walls of your home which can cause water stains and loosened panels depending on the materials composed there.

Can dirty gutters cause roof leaks?

A dirty gutter or clogged gutter can cause water damages to your home as water runoff would be blocked. With the proper paths to the downspouts blocked water may overflow on the roof and seek alternate paths of escape. If there is a crack or hole in your roof this could be aggravated, worsened, weathered further or weakened which could cause a leak to emerge inside your property.

Leaves in gutter and ready to be cleaned out.

What is the best way to clean your gutters?

The best way to clean your gutters can be by yourself or by relying on a house gutter cleaning service. Your gutters should ideally be cleaned at least once a year or even more often than that if there are overhanging trees or periodic storms. Consider these steps for a DIY job! Remember, if you feel your safety will be put at risk from slippery and wet conditions than rely on a professional gutter cleaning service to do the job! As of such, the first step is to get a reliable and sturdy extendable ladder. Once that is procured be sure to only place it on a sturdy surface so you don’t tilt and fall. If you require a helper to hold onto the ladder than incorporate them. If not, a ladder stabilizer could be used to help provide safer conditions. Secondly, be sure you’re dressed for the job as it can get muddy and damp; wear long-sleeved shirts, work pants and rubber or grip gloves. If you have gunk in your gutters you can either use a plastic scoop, trash bags or your hands to collect it. If you would like to protect your landscape be sure to place a tarp around the fall out areas. Once the dirt, leaves, and gunk have been removed be sure to remove the remaining debris by hosing down the gutters and downspouts. Be sure to spot if there are any leaks on your roofing when you’re hosing it down as hosing it down can highlight any instabilities and cracks. Finally, if there are any sagging areas or breaks in the gutter mount a gutter hanger to realign positioning or make the necessary gutter repairs if damages are more severe.

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