Personal Maintenance: DIY Metal Roof Touch Ups

Clogged Gutter

Leaves and Dirt Will Clog Up the Gutter and Corrode Your Fascia.

Are you loving your new metal roof? One of the top perks for homeowners with metal roofing systems is the relaxed maintenance. Taking care of your metal roof is easy. With a few metal roof touch ups each spring and fall, you can personally extend the life of your roofing system. Try these few steps when you perform your bi-annual checkup.

Step #1: Go on a Walk

Don’t worry, you’re not going far. Bi-annual maintenance on your metal roof should always start with a short walk around your home. You may want to grab some binoculars though. Examine your rooftop for small scratches in the paint, dirt or grease smears, fallen debris and foliage. Once you’ve finished your walk, take a ladder and a trash bag, then get ready to begin your cleaning.

Step #2: Take Out the Trash

Start by filling your trash bag with all the junk that’s filled up your gutter over the last few months. This may be a bit of a chore, but cleaning out your gutter prevents rain water from spilling onto your fascia and corroding the side of your roof. Plus it keeps your foundation safe. After you’ve cleared out the debris in the gutters and on top of your roof, you’ll be ready to perform some final touch ups.

Step #3: Grab a Paint Brush

With a paint brush and little paint (approved by your roof’s manufacturer), you’ll be able to cover up any scratches left by tree scrapes or metal chips in the coating. This protects exposed pieces of your roof and prevents them from rusting. [Side note: make sure you never use a sprayer for minor touch ups, as wind will easily blow the paint beyond your intended sections]. For any leftover dirt or grease smudges, Formula 409 (or a similar spray solution) and a soft, damp cloth will clear away most smears.

That’s all there is to it! These few metal roof touch ups can extend the life of your rooftop and lower the risk of unexpected repairs. For more information about caring for your metal roof, or to learn about the types of metals available to consumers, talk to one of our experts at770-735-4433.