How Can You Keep Squirrels Out of Your Gutters?

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Addressing Critters and Pests on Home Exteriors

Squirrels are adorable furry little creatures …. From afar! You don’t want them running through the gutters, gnawing their way into the walls, and chewing on electrical wires. As society has become ‘civilized’, we have found many different ways to deter the cute little critters from getting into our homes. One of the latest gadgets is squirrel deterrent flashing lights. 

Now the question is, do these squirrel deterrent flashing lights really work? It is said that in general, squirrels are not afraid of lights, but motion-sensing lights do seem to startle them, making their surroundings uncomfortable. 

Perhaps the next question would be, “Why don’t squirrel deterrent flashing lights work?”. Bright flashing lights don’t work in repelling squirrels any more than high-pitch frequency sounds because squirrels are not nocturnal creatures. In addition, they have become acclimated to humans and living around us, almost becoming tamed creatures. 

Are other animals deterred by squirrel deterrent flashing lights? 

Flashing light technology has become known to deter animal predators, but many ecologists however, after researching and studying this squirrel deterrent flashing types of devices that creates false eyes can intimidate potential predators. They sense they are watching larger predators that are more menacing. This has proven to work on nocturnal creatures, which squirrels are not. 

Squirrels aren’t the only critters that make their way into our homes via attics and crawlspaces, where they chew the electrical wiring along with gnawing into ceilings and walls. Other unwanted critters that the squirrel deterrent flashing devices will keep away are: 

  • Bobcats
  • Feral Cats
  • Groundhogs
  • Norway Rats
  • Raccoons
  • Norway Rats
  • Opossums
  • Roof Rats
  • Skunks

How do squirrel deterrent flashing lights work? 

It has been determined that squirrel deterrent flashing light devices work by the high-intensity lights that affect their eyesight, making it difficult to move around in. Studies have found that after the squirrel deterrent flashing lights are installed, they do seem to leave the area. 

How effective are squirrel deterrent flashing lights? 

Research has found that squirrel deterrent flashing lights are effective in just that – deterring them. However, more research and time are still needed to determine if they repel them. 

How long does squirrel deterrent flashing lights last? 

Depending on the brand of squirrel deterrent flashing you choose, each has a different lifespan and rating. Most have a 7000-hour lifespan of continuous use, lasting up to 1 year or longer.

Are squirrel deterrent flashing lights safe for birds and other wildlife? 

It is hard to imagine anyone wanting birds or other wildlife in the attic, nesting and causing damage, but, no worries of squirrel deterrent flashing light devices harming them.  In most cases, they deter other animals from approaching your property or getting into your attic, crawlspace, etc. 

Are squirrel deterrent flashing lights weatherproof? 

While most squirrel deterrent flashing light devices are designed to be used indoors, like the attic and crawlspace, each manufacturer will have the specifications for their product listed on the packaging or in the directions. 

How much do squirrel deterrent flashing lights cost? 

The cost of squirrel deterrent flashing light devices can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The designs, features, and functionality can be factors in the pricing, with the less expensive starting at around $25.00 and they go up from there.

Do squirrel deterrent flashing lights require any maintenance?

Once you have plugged your squirrel deterrent flashing light device in, you won’t need to do anything more! This beats the heck out of live traps where you have to take your catch into the wild and let it loose. Since most last up to 1 year or longer, the only maintenance you need to plan is having to replace them when the time comes. 

Wrapping Up – Is It All Worthwhile?

Keep in mind squirrels are not nocturnal creatures. You can simply look outside in the early morning and into the afternoon. They are different in that compared to mice and rats who prefer to be out and about at night. So, are deterrent flashing light devices worth the cost and effort? 

Well, if you’ve had to hire an electrician to repair wiring recently, or a contractor to replace gnawed flashing or roof trim, or pay to have your gutters cleaned, repaired, or replaced, you may be thinking, “Why not?”. Because they aren’t an expensive investment, give them a try. As we pointed out, they don’t harm or kill any of those unwanted critters, they simply keep them at bay.

Take the position that squirrels should be contained in nature, like parks and the wild, along with other critters that can be damaging. Even for those who believe they can tame the wild, their natural instincts can take over, and if they get out of their cage, or wherever you’re keeping them, and find their way into your attic, crawlspace, etc. Give us a call at 770-735-4433 if you want to learn more about squirrel deterrent lights in Canton, GA!