When Do I Need Roof Drainage Repair?

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When do I need roof drainage repair?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of a gutter system on houses? A professionally installed gutter system creates a clean, crisp, edge trim around the roofline. But they also provide roof drainage too. Are roof drains necessary? Absolutely, and that is the main purpose of a gutter system. Roof drainage provides a way for water to be redirected down and away from the house and the foundation. And if the gutter system is failing, roof drainage repairs are essential to protecting the roof, the foundation, and the entire structural well-being of the house. 

Where does roof drain water go?

With a flat roofing system, roof drains are installed where the roof collects the most water. Then that water flows into a system of pipes which are installed below the roof and into a gutter system, to downspouts, and then out and away from the structure. Roof drainage repair for a flat roof is extremely important because, without the proper, working drainage system, the flat roof would accumulate water, and ponding and pooling would begin, with the possibility of the roof collapsing. 

For a standard home with pitched roofing, the roof drains into the gutter runs, into specifically placed downspouts, and then out and away from the structure. The gutter runs are attached to the fascia of a house and become a part of the outer curb appearance of a home. 

Roof drainage repair for this type of system includes making sure the gutter runs aren’t bent, broken, loose, or missing. When a gutter run isn’t in the proper position, the water can spill over and puddle around the foundation, or it backs up under the shingles, seeps to the roof decking, into the attic, and further damage ensues. 

What are the dangers of a broken roof drain?

Roof drainage repairs that are not addressed can lead to a few problems, each getting more expensive as time passes. 

  • Water Damage: 

It is estimated that over 8 percent of all home repair expenses are results from water damage, starting with wood rot. The eaves, fascia, and soffit can be destroyed by poor roof drainage. Repairs for these issues can cost a homeowner $1,000s and can keep climbing if the need for roof drainage repairs is not addressed. 

  • Health Issues: 

When the roof drainage repairs are ignored, it can cause mildew and mold to form and spread. These both are potential for causing health issues like breathing issues. 

  • Structure Damage

Poor roof drainage repairs left unaddressed will cause problems with the foundation, which will affect the walls. Some of the damage that can happen is cracking of any asphalt, deterioration of the outer building material like brick or siding, and the ground eroding and weakening the foundation. The ceilings, flooring, and walls become discolored where the water seeps through. 

  • Exterior Damage

Beyond the structural damage and health issues we’ve mentioned, roof drainage repairs can keep your flowerbeds, gardens, and surrounding landscape in good condition. When water can accumulate on the lawn, it destroys the dirt and mulch, making the surface uneven and messy. The water will destroy any plants, shrubs, and more. 

How do I know if my roof drain is damaged?

Locating where roof drainage repairs are needed on the roof isn’t always immediately visible. A few indicators that are telling that you need roof drainage repairs are: 

  • The first place to check is the gutter system. When there is water flowing over instead of through the gutter system, it is usually a clog somewhere along the line. 
  • Check the gutters for vertical streaks of dirt on the exterior of the siding and the gutters, mud splatters, and blistering paint. 
  • After the gutter drains the water, you need to watch where it goes. If the downspouts haven’t been installed properly, or have come loose, they can’t divert the water as intended. Make sure the downspouts are connected and pointed in a way to divert the water away from the foundation. 
  • Check your gardens and landscaping for signs of erosion. When roof drainage repairs are needed, they will often show up in these areas because of their proximity to the roof drainage. 
  • Check the basement for possible water damage, visible by areas of crust-like substance in grey or white, which is efflorescence. This is caused by mineral deposits from evaporated water. 

How do I keep my roof drain from clogging?

Regular roof cleaning will minimize clogs and should be a part of your home maintenance. Keeping the gutter runs clean, will stop any clogs, and lessen the amount of roof drainage repairs needed. This is especially true during the season when leaves and twigs are falling. 

How often should roof drains be cleaned?

In the Canton, Georgia area, your roof should be cleaned once at the end of spring. This will remove any dirt, dust, leave, twigs, and pollen. Then again after winter, a full roof inspection along with roof and gutter cleaning should be done. This will give you the opportunity to see if there is any roof damage, or roof drainage repairs needed, replacing as needed. 

How do I fix a leaky roof drain?

For a flat roof drainage repair, you can apply an acrylic or mastic waterproof coating, or any type of waterproof roof sealant and cover the exterior of the drain, going all the way around it.  For traditional sloped roofing, you’ll need to repair or replace the gutter runs and/or downspouts.
This may require replacing sections of the gutter runs, or you may be able to put it back together and then cover the seam with a waterproof sealant. If you need to replace sections of the gutter runs, overlap the edges of the replacement pieces with the existing pieces. Then apply a coat of sealant over the seam and screws. 

Who do I call when my roof drain is damaged?

A professional roofing contractor is the best source for roof drainage repairs and replacement. If the roofing contractor finds the damage is a plumbing issue, they will advise you accordingly.

Worker Repairs a Roof Drain

In Closing – Are roof drains connected to sewers?

In most, if not all cities, roofs should never be connected to the sewer system for draining the roof runoff.  Building and code compliances are in place in municipal areas and any infraction could result in the homeowner being fined. 

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