Why Your Roof’s Fascia Is So Important

roof fascia

Fascia Often Go Unnoticed But Play A Big Role In Your Roof and Gutter System.

As a homeowner, you do your best to keep your property protected against damage from storms and water. Your gutter system plays a huge role in how water is carried away from your home, but did you know that your roof fascia supports your gutters and ensures they can do their job? An often overlooked part of your roof, the roof fascia board work with your gutters, allowing them to disperse water and debris away from your roofing system. However, these boards can be damaged by that same water, pests, and more. It is important to keep this part of your system at its best to ensure your gutters and roof stay healthy as well.

How You Can Help

The next time you clean your gutter system, take some time to look at your roof fascia. A simple and quick glance can tell you if there are any issues that need to be handled or if your roof fascia is doing its job. Damage may appear in many ways, such as:

  • Flaking, Peeling, or Missing Paint
  • Rotting Within the Wood
  • Water Damage and¬†Discoloration
  • Holes From Burrowing

These issues leave your roof open to further damage from the environment. Repair can get your roof fascia back to its best in order to support your gutter system. Are your fascia in need of repair in Canton, GA? When you need gutter installation and roof fascia repair, choose Affordable Gutters Plus LLC for quality services and materials. We are always available to get started on your service needs. Call us today at 770-735-4433 and speak with one of our professional staff!