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Does Your Roofing Soffit Need Repairs?

On the edges of your roof system, you will find your roof soffit and your roof fascia. Both of these play an essential role in the longevity of your roof system, so today we will go over a few ways you can tell if your roof fascia is in need of speedy repairs!

What is Roof Soffit?


Is Your Soffit Safe?

One of the main roles of your soffit is to hold up your gutters, and keep water or animals from sneaking in the at the sides of your roof. With so many responsibilities, it is no surprise that they pick up some wear and tear! Across the years, the elements and pests will deteriorate your soffit. Your soffit will require periodic repair or replacement just like any other element of your roof.

Recognizing Signs of Wear

Leaking Gutters

Inoperable rain gutters cause significant damage to a house, and will signal that your soffit needs to get replaced. As water stops up because of obstructions or emits from holes or cracks, your soffit can take the damage.

Water/Dirt Stains

If leakage from your roofing has begun to deteriorate your soffit, you will notice the presence of brown stains. As water passes through tar on the inside of your roof, it can render the brownish stains. The state of your roofing will be conditional on attending to this leak, since if you leave it too long, it will begin to rot.


Buckling, another signal of water deterioration, takes place when the soffit substance has become periodically soaked. Buckling soffit is in bad need of changing, and has become damaged through lengthy exposure to a leaking roof or malfunctioning rain gutters.

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