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Can You Repair Damaged Fascia?

A Roofer Repairs Fascia Board.

Can you repair damaged fascia?

As with any component of your roof, when your fascia gets damaged or begins to rot, you can repair or replace them. What is the fascia on a house? It’s the panel or board that is directly in front of the eave. The eaves, for that matter, are the part of the roof that overhangs the home or building. When attempting fascia repair, you’ll normally need to remove the damage section to make the repair. If the damaged area is a long section of board, you might want to consider replacing the fascia. Otherwise, you can just replace the damaged sections with new boards. While some repairs might be easy to do, anytime you need fascia board repair in Canton, GA, look to the experienced professionals at Affordable Gutters Plus LLC. We are a trusted, local contractor that offers an extensive range of roof and gutter services. Give us a call at 770-735-4433 to find out how we can help.

Who does fascia repair?

A variety of contractors provide fascia repair. Usually roofers or gutter contractors can be counted on for the repair, but carpenters or a handyman with extensive experience with this type of repair can also be trusted for the repair. Because gutters are normally attached to the fascia boards, it’s good to have a contractor experienced with both gutters and fascia to make the repair. That’s something you can get with Affordable Gutters Plus LLC, a team experienced with all aspects of roofing and gutter work.

Why do fascia boards rot?

Fascia boards can rot for a variety of reasons, although rot is most commonly caused by a gutter that’s not functioning properly. Old, leaking gutters usually have misaligned downspouts that cause water to back-up against the fascia boards. In time, the excess moisture will lead to rot. Damage from storms is also a common cause of rot for fascia boards. The boards are some of the weakest parts of the roof, and vulnerable to the elements, especially wind-driven rain. Any rotted fascia will need fascia repair.

How do you fix rotted fascia?

Fascia repair will be necessary when the fascia boards are rotted. Repairs need to be made as soon as possible. To make the repairs, the following steps need to be made.

  • Make sure you indeed have rot and not some discoloration. Rot appears as dark cavities or soft spots directly on the board’s surface. Wood will feel mushy and pulpy.
  • Check for the source of moisture that led to the rot. This may be malfunctioning gutters or damaged shingles or other issues with drainage. Repairs to those sources may need to be made before the fascia is repaired.
  • Remove the damaged fascia board, starting by cutting seams and caulk lines. Pry the pieces away with a six-in-one painter’s tool.
  • After prying the board loose, check the sub-fascia, or framing underneath, for rot and replace of badly rotted. 
  • Once the repairs, if any, to sub-fascia are made, it needs to be cleaned before the new fascia board is added. Usually, you just need to scrape away paint and caulk with the six-in-one tool. Any leftover fasteners need to be removed.
  • Measure out a new piece of the exact size as the old one and cut this new board. Preferably PVC boards are used to replace the old board as better protection against rot.
  • Use galvanized exterior-grade nails to attach the new board.
  • Follow up by caulking the new board.

Replace fascia with roof

Usually, you replace fascia when replacing gutters, but you can also have the fascia replaced when you have your roof replaced. This is often a good idea as the fascia has probably aged and is showing as many signs of wear as the roof. At times, the fascia is well beyond simple fascia repair and needs to be replaced.

Does roof sheathing go over fascia?

Typically, when a roof is being installed or replaced, the sheathing overhangs the fascia slightly. If this isn’t the case, the fascia should at least be protected by drip edges, as the fascia boards are very susceptible to water damage and rot.

Replace fascia without removing gutter

In most cases, your gutters are installed on your fascia board. When you need to make a fascia repair, you will have to remove the gutters to make the repair. Obviously, once the fascia board is repaired, you will have to put the gutters back on. Fascia is always repaired or replaced before the gutters are added.

A Roofer Installs Fascia Board.

Fascia repair near me

If your fascia are damaged or rotted and you need fascia repair in Canton, GA let the experts at Affordable Gutters Plus LLC help you. We have years of experience working with fascia, gutters, and all aspects of roofing. We are a trusted, local source for these types of repairs. You can find out more a set up a time to get an estimate by calling 770-735-4433.