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Why Is A Drip Edge Necessary For Your Home?

In 2014, the State of Georgia enacted a building code in the Georgia State Minimum Standards Residential Code that states that all buildings must have a drip edge. Most other states do not require this code, and many roofing contractors believe that if a home’s shingles extend far enough over the gutter, then installing a drip edge is not necessary. The state of Georgia deems a drip edge necessary due to the amount of rainfall the state gets every year and to ensure that its residents are safe with a sturdy roof. It is a simple and affordable one-time installation that will help to prevent your roof from leaks and damage.

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Here are some benefits of a drip edge

  • Prevents water from seeping into the gap or crack between the decking and fascia.
  • Prevents roof rot
  • Prevents insulation damage
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Prevents home flooding from water flowing backwards down the roof behind the gutters
  • Prevents roof deterioration
  • Prevents shingle damage
  • Provides additional support to shingles
  • Blocks wind from blowing rain or pooled water into the cracks
  • Keeps out vermin and insects
  • Helps move water into your gutters to be drained out into the ground
  • Prevents rotten fascia and soffit from happening as often
  • Stay up to Georgia’s housing codes and standards
  • Snow and rain will trickle down your roof instead of sitting stagnant or getting blown backwards in between the gaps of the decking

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Personal Maintenance: DIY Metal Roof Touch Ups

Clogged Gutter

Leaves and Dirt Will Clog Up the Gutter and Corrode Your Fascia.

Are you loving your new metal roof? One of the top perks for homeowners with metal roofing systems is the relaxed maintenance. Taking care of your metal roof is easy. With a few metal roof touch ups each spring and fall, you can personally extend the life of your roofing system. Try these few steps when you perform your bi-annual checkup.

Step #1: Go on a Walk

Don’t worry, you’re not going far. Bi-annual maintenance on your metal roof should always start with a short walk around your home. You may want to grab some binoculars though. Examine your rooftop for small scratches in the paint, dirt or grease smears, fallen debris and foliage. Once you’ve finished your walk, take a ladder and a trash bag, then get ready to begin your cleaning.

Step #2: Take Out the Trash

Start by filling your trash bag with all the junk that’s filled up your gutter over the last few months. This may be a bit of a chore, but cleaning out your gutter prevents rain water from spilling onto your fascia and corroding the side of your roof. Plus it keeps your foundation safe. After you’ve cleared out the debris in the gutters and on top of your roof, you’ll be ready to perform some final touch ups.

Step #3: Grab a Paint Brush

With a paint brush and little paint (approved by your roof’s manufacturer), you’ll be able to cover up any scratches left by tree scrapes or metal chips in the coating. This protects exposed pieces of your roof and prevents them from rusting. [Side note: make sure you never use a sprayer for minor touch ups, as wind will easily blow the paint beyond your intended sections]. For any leftover dirt or grease smudges, Formula 409 (or a similar spray solution) and a soft, damp cloth will clear away most smears.

That’s all there is to it! These few metal roof touch ups can extend the life of your rooftop and lower the risk of unexpected repairs. For more information about caring for your metal roof, or to learn about the types of metals available to consumers, talk to one of our experts at770-735-4433.

Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Replacement

Shingle Roof Replacement

Old Age or Faulty Installation Can Create a Need for Shingle Roof Replacement.

Asphalt shingles represent the most popular roofing solution in the country. This makes sense when you consider their value and wide range of available colors and styles. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles sit at the bottom of the ladder in terms of longevity. Even with expert maintenance, a shingle roof will only last for 20 years or so. Pay attention for the following signs of shingle roof replacement, and choose a higher quality option in metal from Affordable Gutters Plus LLC.

Frequent Repairs

A roof that has begun to require frequent repairs has probably reached the end of its life. Whether from old age or faulty installation, roofs will begin to break down and require more and more service. Whether it’s from missing shingles or leaks, roof repairs can become surprisingly costly. If you find yourself with a major repair that represents a significant percentage of the cost of a new roof, go with the fresh installation.

Lost Granules

Your roofing’s granules protect it from impacts and the sun. In their absence, your roof becomes much more vulnerable to storms and hail. Your shingles will also dry and begin to curl from sun exposure. Each of these provides for the development of leaks, a situation you want to avoid. The next time you clean your gutters, call for service if you notice an abundance of roofing granules.

Old Age

The most frequent reason for replacement, old age means that a roof could fail at any given time. Even if damage doesn’t seem obvious to the untrained eye, previous bouts of hail and high winds have definitely left their mark.

If you’d like to replace your shingle roof with a quality metal installation, Affordable Gutters Plus LLC is your ideal choice in Canton and Roswell, GA. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 770-735-4433.

Does Your Roofing Soffit Need Repairs?

On the edges of your roof system, you will find your roof soffit and your roof fascia. Both of these play an essential role in the longevity of your roof system, so today we will go over a few ways you can tell if your roof fascia is in need of speedy repairs!

What is Roof Soffit?


Is Your Soffit Safe?

One of the main roles of your soffit is to hold up your gutters, and keep water or animals from sneaking in the at the sides of your roof. With so many responsibilities, it is no surprise that they pick up some wear and tear! Across the years, the elements and pests will deteriorate your soffit. Your soffit will require periodic repair or replacement just like any other element of your roof.

Recognizing Signs of Wear

Leaking Gutters

Inoperable rain gutters cause significant damage to a house, and will signal that your soffit needs to get replaced. As water stops up because of obstructions or emits from holes or cracks, your soffit can take the damage.

Water/Dirt Stains

If leakage from your roofing has begun to deteriorate your soffit, you will notice the presence of brown stains. As water passes through tar on the inside of your roof, it can render the brownish stains. The state of your roofing will be conditional on attending to this leak, since if you leave it too long, it will begin to rot.


Buckling, another signal of water deterioration, takes place when the soffit substance has become periodically soaked. Buckling soffit is in bad need of changing, and has become damaged through lengthy exposure to a leaking roof or malfunctioning rain gutters.

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When You Need Gutter Cleaning or Gutter Repair

Have you noticed that your gutters overflow when it rains? Plenty of people assume that gutter overflow means your gutters have a clog. The overflow that happens when your gutters are clogged can appear similar to other types of gutter issues. Don’t put off gutter repair.

Overflowing and Damaged Gutters

Water Gutter Spout

When You Need Gutter Cleaning or Gutter Repair, Come to Us.

If your gutters overflow near the downspout, that probably means you have a clog inside the downspout that is preventing the water from moving all the way down and away from your home. Overflow in the middle of a gutter is probably something else entirely. There are a number of potential reasons for overflow.

Your gutters might simply be too small. Or, you might not have enough downspouts, or leaders. Gutters that sag, or pull away from your home will not contain water well. These problems won’t be solved by gutter cleaning. You need professional repairs, and possibly new gutters from Affordable Gutter Plus.

Continued overflow can become a very real problem if it’s allowed to happen too long. Improper water runoff leads to damage of your home, your foundation, and your landscape. Gutter cleaning is an important part of gutter maintenance. When cleaning isn’t enough, gutter repairs should be scheduled immediately, preferably before the next rain.

Get Professional Gutter Repair

You can maintain you gutters, but you need help when it’s time to repair them. Trust the gutter professionals at Affordable Gutter Plus when you need gutter repair. We are your go-to for all your gutter services in Canton, GA. Call us at 770-735-4433.

Hanging Christmas Lights on Gutters

Hanging Christmas lights from the roof is a long-standing tradition. When people do this, they often hang the lights from the gutters. While this is not a bad thing, it can be a problem if not done properly. If you plan on hanging Christmas lights on gutters, try these tips to do it better this year to save your gutters.

Always Use Plastic Clips

Christmas Lights on Front of House at Night

Hanging Christmas Lights on Gutters

Most stringed holiday lights come with plastic clips. This is to encourage consumers to avoid using things like staple guns and nails to hang them. Nail and staples damage the roof, and they certainly damage the gutters if you try to use them there. If you find that the clips that come with your lights don’t work well with your gutters, there are many, many other options available to be purchased separately.

There are all sorts of clips that not only suit your gutters, they suit your lights. To make the experience better, measure your gutters and take note of your bulb sizes, and number of bulbs, as well as string length. All of these things will let you know how many clips you need. Then, you can buy clips that set your lights in various patterns. If all you want is a basic scalloped pattern, then find a clip that will do that for you. If you want to hold each larger bulb in place separately, there are clips in which you can slip your bulb so that it sits still exactly where you want it.

Remember, keep your gutters clean throughout the season. Dirty, cluttered gutters make for excess moisture and ice, and they weigh down your roof edge. Adding lights to all that makes for weight and fire hazards, too.

Have a great, safe time hanging Christmas lights on gutters this year. And, when you need gutter repair and installation in Canton, GA, remember to call us at 770-735-4433.

Choosing the Right Gutter Colors

White Gutter Colors for Home

Appropriate Gutter Color Enhances Curb Appeal

For homeowners, gutters are a vital part of your home’s operation and functionality. As important as those things are, we still would like for our home decor to look good in every aspect, both on the interior, and exterior. Gutters are no different. So when choosing a color, make sure at adds to your curb appeal, which will ultimately add to the value of your home. For homeowners in Canton, GA, Affordable Gutters Plus offers gutter color selection as part of our services. To choose which is best for your, consider the following tips:

Curb Visibility

How clearly can your home’s gutters be seen on the exterior? By neighbors? By people driving by? If they are mostly hidden from the front curb perspective, you probably have less to think about with color. In cases like this, it might be wise to just choose the cheapest available option.

Roof Color

To add to the aesthetic appeal of our home, we want each element to work with each other from a decor standpoint. Sometimes this means making your gutter the same exact color as your roof, whereas other times it means accentuating it with more complimentary shades.

Trim Color

Much like the roof, matching your trim color to your gutters makes for aesthetic curb appeal. If you are thinking about moving in the somewhat near future, matching your trim and gutter colors could be a smart investment idea. To further discuss gutter colors, and which shade best matches your home, give us a call at 770-735-4433.

The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Provides a Host of Unique Benefits to a Structure.

Many homeowners think twice about a metal roof due to its expense. In reality, this type of roofing provides enough benefits that it will actually offset its own cost over time. If you have considered new metal roofing, make sure to take the following advantages into account.

Long-Term Durability

The premier benefits of a metal roof come from its exceptional, long-term durability. In fact, these roofs can outlast a standard asphalt shingle roof by several decades. The average lifespan of a well-installed, maintained metal roof can actually exceed 50 years. This can save a homeowner a great deal on restoration and replacement costs.

Variety of Styles

While many people assume that all metal roofs look the same, nothing could be further from the truth. Metal roofs come in a huge variety of colors and styles, and can match the look of any home. Whatever your personal tastes in roofing, there’s a good chance you’ll find metal roofing that you like.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of metal represents another way that metal roofing can save you money. The highly reflective nature of metal deflects sunlight and harmful UV radiation to make your home a cooler, more comfortable place. This will also lessen your air conditioner’s workload, a perk that will extend its life and save you money on energy bills.

At Affordable Gutters Plus, we represent the premier source for a metal roof in Canton, GA. For repairs, service, or installation, give us a call anytime at 770-735-4433.  

5 Reasons Why You Need Roof Flashing

5 Reasons Why You Need Roof Flashing

5 Reasons Why You Need Roof Flashing in Canton, GA.

The flashing on our roofs is incredibly important. Areas on the roof such as a dormer, skylight, chimney, and vents require flashing. But why exactly do these things need flashing? Below are reasons why you need roof flashing.

Reduces the Risk of Leaks

Without roof flashing, you can be sure that there would be leaks. Because the flashing is used to keep water out, it’s important to have it on your roof to prevent leaks.

Prevent Mold On Roof

Since the flashing on your roof is a barrier to keep water at bay, it’s important to have flashing in the crevices and areas that are susceptible to leaks. If leaks do happen, it can produce mold on the roof, which is never good.

Avoid Home Damages

If water gets in the home because of poor roof flashing, it can cause damages to your interior walls, ceiling, and other parts of your home.

Stop Energy Wastefulness

Roof flashing can keep air in your home and without out, you are looking at air escaping your home.

Decrease of Whole Roof Damage

Not only can roof flashing the areas that it protects, but it can affect other parts of the roof, as well.

These are valuable reasons why you need roof flashing. If you require roof flashing repair and installation in Canton, GA, look no further than Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC. We can help you with roof flashing when you call us at 770-735-4433 to schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of New Gutters

new gutters

New gutters come with a host of benefits for the home.

New gutters and downspouts accomplish a great number of advantages to your home. If you persist with old or damaged gutters, the drawbacks could include damage to your fascia, soffit, staining to your walls, and foundation issues. You should also take into account the curb appeal of your home, and what new gutters can offer in this regard. Generally speaking, new rain gutters can bring the following benefits.

Improved Appearance

The gutters themselves do not present the only improvement to your home’s physical appearance. Old or damaged gutters can also negatively affect your curb appeal through the stains they encourage along your walls. As water overflows or leaks from old gutters, it will over time create unsightly stains.

Protect Your Basement

As drainage fails to happen correctly with your old or damaged gutters, rainfall will collect around your foundation. This water will eventually leak into your basement to create a tendency for floods. This contributes to foundation problems, will damage or destroy items in your basement, and encourages the growth of mold. New gutters and downspouts encourage the relocation of water safely away from your home and foundation.

Save Your Roof

Water will often back up with damaged or non-functioning gutters. As this happens, the water will pool on your roof and cause major problems. Standing water on a roof creates leaks, and also degrades your roofing material to contribute to future problems. Soffit and fascia can also become damaged, which leaves your roof vulnerable to future storms and pests.

If you want new gutters in Canton, GA, call 770-735-4433 today for Affordable Gutters Plus, LLC. We stand as the area experts for gutter installation, and can ensure a job done to the highest standards.